Rose Gold Copper Blue Opal Bracelet Blue Opal Opal “Stone of Dreams and Happy Changes” Amplifies ones traits and characteristics: overcoming lesser attributes. Recognize and feel creativity in oneself. Releases inhibitions and furthers clean, true, spontaneous action. Strengthens memory. Understanding higher potentials coupled with acceptance of ones inherent perfection. Awakens mystical and psychic qualities. Used by Native Americans and Australian aboriginal shaman to invoke visions. Purifies blood and kidneys. Treatment of vision disorders, fevers, comfort and ease during childbirth.*Because opals contain water, do not leave in sunlight lest they will become brittle and break.* Stimulates communication skills and aids in voicing thoughts and information which one has not been courageous enough to voice in the past. Freedom and courage to speak freely. Stimulates creativity and ingenuity. Balances metabolism, assists in the assimilation of iron, and treat fatigue, and hair loss.. Chakra: Throat From "Love Is In The Earth" by Melody FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

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