Adornment Type: Ring Metals: Copper Crystals: Tigers Eye Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, 1st Eye Associated Parts of Astrological Chart: Capricorn, Leo Although Peacock and Serpents seem worlds apart, they share the energy of transformation. Furthermore, in Ancient Kemet (Egypt), the Peacock was revered because it destroyed poisonous snakes. Talk about power! This Tigers Eye ring helps us to channel our inner Peacock to transform our lives into what we desire. What are you willing to release in order to be reborn? The Serpent may assist you in finding the answer. Keywords: Sun, Solar, Intuition, Grounding, Confidence, Optimism, Peacefulness Affirmation: I am protected in every space I occupy. My presence is a gift and blessing to all. I love my uniqueness. *FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY*

$89 $111-19.82%

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Adjustable size: 7 - 10

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