Amethyst & Clear Quartz Wand Amethyst “The stone of spirituality, contentment, meditation, and sobriety.” Representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis. Transmutes lower energies into higher frequencies. Provides clear connection between Earth and other worlds. Balances the energy of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies. Bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace. Provides psychic protection and psychic center activation. Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Clear Quartz “Master Healer” “Stone of Power” Focuses, stores, transfers, and transforms energies. Redirection of energy to a beneficial state. Aligns and harmonizes human energies – thoughts, consciousness, emotions – with energies of the universe and make these energies available to humanity. Used to facilitate communication with otherworldly and spiritual masters, teachers, and healers. Amplifies other stones and minerals coupled with it. All psychic abilities can be stimulated and amplified by this stone. Aids one in retaining calmness and clarity in all situations. Provides energy for perseverance and patience. Decreases amount of negative affectation, which could inhibit emotional stability. The most programmable crystal. Signs: All. Chakras: All. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. FROM "LOVE IS IN THE EARTH" BY MELODY


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10.5in/26cm Long

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