Lapis Lazuli – “Stone of Total Awareness” Activates and energizes throat and brow chakras. Clears these chakras and aligns all others to maintain the “perfection” within the person. Helps to expand awareness and intellectual capacity, attunes one to their intuitive and psychic aspects, and helps one to remain objective about the subjective. Provides objectivity, clarity, and mental endurance during the release of emotional bondage. Can be laid on 1stt eye to aid one in developing insight into one’s own dreams. Sign - Sagittarius. Chakras: Throat + Third Eye Silver Brings one “the advantage” throughout life. Improves quality of speech and eloquence. Used as a mirror to the soul, stimulates seeing oneself from outside of the body. Patience and perseverance in chosen tasks and allows one to understand the underlying reasons for the tasks. Increases perception, regulates emotional and intuitive energies. Aids strong connection of physical and astral bodies. Attracts and retains, unto itself, qualities which are emitted by the stone it holds. Enhances powers of the moon. Helps cleanse the body via the pores, increase assimilation of vitamins A & E, and to ameliorate disorders associated with unstable vision. *FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY - FROM LOVE IS IN THE EARTH BY MELODY*


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Adjustable. Fitted to size 6

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